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New Website for

Contact request:

On 9/11/19 (dd-mm-YYYY) SoliWeb received a request by Movi computerbedrijf to give the existing website a complete overhaul. They wanted a fresh new look. SoliWeb collaborates with this company for webhosting & domain registration. The old website was a static website with pure HTML and only contained basic extra's such as a small contact form and order for for various products. De website lay-out was relatively simple (but effective), however outdated by current design standards.


As always, the consultation process was started and after a few e-mails back and forth over a few days, there was a good idea what the new website had to be capable of and contain.

The requirements were as follows:
  • Single language
  • Retain existing menu structure as much as possible
  • Contactformulier with anti-spam
  • GDPR/AVG compliant
  • New webshop function
  • Adequate site security & maintenance
  • SEO optimisation


After the consultaion is was time to get to work. After 2 weeks a rough version was available on the temporary development environment and the site owner was notified with a request for feedback. This feedback was incorporated and roughly a week later the new website was ready for delivery and the owner notified.

After the second notification, the website received the green light for transfer to the main domain. A complete backup was taken of the old website and a temporary index page was placed in return stating the website was undergoing maintenance. Next up was transferring the new website to the main domain. This involved taking a backup of the new site, uploading it to the new domain and starting the restoration process, a few minutes later the new website was online and ready for use.

The website owner was notified of succesful transfer and could now start adding products to the new webshop. A request was also made that SoliWeb would take care of maintenance and security, so a service agreement as set up. This entails among other things that the owner can request at any time for new content to be added or existing content modified, website being actively monitored and secured, and we're there to assist whenever needed.


Concept to delivery: 1month