Translation service, what is it?

The translation service, is a service provided by SoliWeb to developers that are insufficiently capable of English or Dutch. This service is primarily used by English based developers desiring to make their product available to the Dutch market.

How does it work?

  • Please contact us through the contact form and specify "Translation Service"
  • Please explain the software briefly to a general idea can be formed.
  • Specify the amount of strings to be translated (general idea)
  • When the task has been agreed upon, please provide (preferably) a text based language file containing all the strings. Ideally the accompanying software is provided, so the translated strings will be able to be tested in their eventual environment.
  • You will be notified upon completion.

How do you obtain your language file?

After you have been notified of completion, there are generally 2 options.

  • The agreed upon amount is paid, and the file is provided to you after receipt of payment on your preffered delivery method.
  • If SoliWeb has an interest in the actual translated software itself, the other available option is a license is granted for use of the product. As long as the license is valid, you can contact us at all times and have the language file updated if needed and delivered back to you, free of charge.
  • Is your application capable of installing language packs, then with your permission, SoliWeb can host the language pack on its website, so your visitors can consult and download it at all times.

How long does a translation take?

This is impossible to say beforehand. The needed amount of time depends upon multiple factors such as the amount of strings, complexity, is research / testing needed, etc...