Website Maintenance

When your website has been delivered, regular maintenance needs to be done. When no website maintenance is happening, eventually the website will become slow, outdated and in worst case scenario fall victim to a security intrusion. SoliWeb can take care of this for you, should you so desire.

What does the maintenance entail?

A CMS (Content Management System) only provides the basic infrastructure to create a website and show content to your visitors. Advanced functionality such as image galleries, webchat, support ticket system etc... can be installed on your website through extensions (either free functionality-limited modules, or fully featured paid moduyles). These modules in turn also need regular updates to stay up-to-date and must be maintained together with the website to prevent problems.

To that end, SoliWeb can take care of this resposibility for you, so you can focus on your primary task of running the business or engaging in your favorite hobby. The following options are generally included.

  • Keeping the CMS and look up-to-date and monitoring of performance
  • Keeping the additional (paid) functionality up-to-date
  • Priority support during problems
  • Security, monitoring and backing up your website
  • Adding new content (eg: page with new article), is simply a matter of contacting us


How much a maintenance contract costs depends upon the complexity of your website, the available (paid) additional functionality etc... The time period is generally done on a yearly basis and ideally commence the same day your domain registration takes place. That way everything happens at the same time and there are no multiple invoices.