The development process:

SoliWeb designs the websites based on the Joomla CMS (Content Management System). A content managed system takes care of the underlying structure of your website, through which you can perform multiple tasks such as website maintenance, add/remove menu's, add/remove new articles, functionality...

Phase 1:

The first phase of the development process revolves around the look of your website. Based upon the consultation the general look is developed and installed through the CMS infrastructure on a development domain (usually a subdomain of the eventual target domain), and some dummy content is added so you will be able to form an idea of how the website will look and behave. To that end, once the general look has been added to the website, login credentials will be provided through which you will be able to access the website and observe the general progress, so you can inform us of your thoughts and comments. Does the look fullfil your needs, then phase 2 willl commence.

Phase 2:

The second phase of the development process revolves around adding the actual content that will be displayed on your website, and how it will be displayed (menu structure). To that end we will need sufficient information (such as text, artwork) and who will provide that information. After obtaining of that information, the content is added to the website. During this phase you will be able to login on the website with your credentials and monitor progress. When this phase is completed, the third phase will begin.

Phase 3

The third phase is all about functionality. This means, next to the primary pages with articles, artwork, etc... the additional functionality that was discussed during the consultation will be added (image gallery, contact form, support system,...). When this functionality has been implemented to your satisfaction and your final approval has been given, website construction is complete and ready.


After obtaining your final approval, a full backup is taken of the website on the development domain and transferred to the target final domain. Administrative credentials will then be created and control of the website transferred. You will however be given the option to have SoliWeb take care of website maintenance.

More info about that is available on the "Maintenance" page.