Your own website, how does it work?

Realising your own website takes up a lot of work. Whether it is for an individual person with a hobby, or a multinational company, only via proper consultation will the right website get built for you. First and foremost a domain name and webspoace are required. A domain name is what you enter at the top of your browser to navigate to a website (eg. which in turn is linked to webspace on a server. Webspace is a certain amount of disk space, made available to your by your provider on a server, on which the actual website eventually will be placed.

For domain registration and webspace, SoliWeb collaborates with Movi Computerbedrijf. Do you already own your own domain name and webspace, then naturally we can still be of service to you and utilize that. After obtaining a domain name and webspace, it's time to develop the actual website. For that, one or more consultations between you the client, and SoliWeb, the developer.

The consultation process.

The consultation can happen via many different ways. Initially however, you fill out the contactform with a short description of your project and specify your contact method. You will then be contacted and the project will be discussed. This consultation can take a considerable amount of time. If you opted for telephone, please make sure you alot an ample amount of time.

Below is an example of the items that will be discussed

  • Multilingual status
  • General look and behavior
  • Extended functionality
  • GDPR

When the consultation has finished, and your agreement has been obtained, your commission will begin.
For more information regarding this process, please consult the "Development" page.